About Us

We specialise in data acquisition and processing. Our extensive experience with remotely piloted aerial systems allows us to obtain aerial imagery for a range of applications such as building inspection, 3D surveying, agricultural analysis and accurately recording heritage sites. All models are fully geo-referenced and scaled correctly using GPS information or ground control points.

3D surveying services have been certified by the Irish Aviation Authority to conduct aerial work. We have fully licensed and insured UAV pilots and maintain the highest standards of safety. Our extensive experience in planning and coordinating with air traffic controllers allows up to fly in built up areas.

We specialise in reconstructing aerial data to generate models and perform analysis. The 2D images are stitched to create large aerial scenes or used to generate 3D models. The 3D models can then be converted to solid objects to perform additional structural analysis.

block model

 The 3d models are of such high quality that they can be 3D printed. Such models are used for the examination of wind effects caused by structures and the buildings that surround them using a wind tunnel and for informative displays  of a given area.